Chapter 4: The Villainess Starts Having Fun

“Trivial, you say~?”

Esther made a petulant face. Probably didn’t expect that reaction, did you? How about I give her another push?

“Oh, was that difficult to understand? It means ‘minor and insignificant’.”

Esther’s school record wasn’t exactly outstanding. Still, even she would naturally know the meaning of the word trivial. Her face grew frustrated, having realized she was being made fun of. 

“Is it trivial to break your engagement?!” Esther sharpened her voice, neglecting to extend the tail of her words. 

“Your engagement was broken?!” As expected, my friend’s eyes widened up as soon as he heard her words. It might just be my imagination, but he sure seems to be enjoying himself.

“Woah, she said it herself,” Joshua drawled in a voice soft enough for only me to hear. Please stop. I’m going to start laughing.

“Oh yeah, that did happen. What, was that all? I thought you said something awful happened.” 

I snickered, conceding that I could remembered. Esther flinched. This might be the first time someone responded to her with undisguised malice.

“Oh, you have my apologies. I really am sorry. I was just so relieved to have finally cleared up all that trouble that I’d forgotten all about it. “

“By trouble, do you mean Tristan?!”

Yeah, go ahead and call him by his first name. Never mind that he’s a nobleman or that we just ended our engagement. What’s ‘common sense’ anyway?

No, actually, I’m sure she knows what’s she’s doing. After all, she’s the friendly, carefree Esther who never puts up walls between aristocrats and commoners.

What a bitch.

“Ilse, you’re awful! That’s why Tristan…”

Why are you acting like you’re a victim here? You’re behaving as though Tristan is already yours.

Whenever she has the chance, she always tries to twist my comments to look like bullying and wail about them.

I used to think that it would hurt my business, so I would always follow up with “I didn’t mean it like that” whenever she tried to play the victim. But you know what? I don’t care anymore. 

Our financial situation is stable, and the business has a rock solid foundation. In such a situation, it could be said that any publicity is good publicity. How about I fan the flames? 

“Oh, now that you mention it… Did you push Tristan to break our engagement?”


Esther gulped, her face stiffening. My friend seemed to realize this was no longer a situation he could get involved in, but he carefully followed the conversation with a curious look on his face.

“I would never do something like that~!” 

Perhaps noticing my friend’s gaze, Esther suddenly remembered her character and started crying. The ability to shed tears at will has always been one of her dubious virtues.

“You really are awful, Ilse~! Tristan was just confiding his worries with me! What’s wrong with that?!” Esther shouted.

“Yeah, that’s right, Ilse! Why would you make such an accusation?” My friend finally spoke up in an agitated tone and shielded Esther behind him.

Esther was crying and trembling in fright, while I stood there calmly with a cold smile on my face. It was obvious which of us was the victim. 

The surrounding around us suddenly grew noisy. I could hear soft murmurs accusing me. 

Yet again, this was probably her goal when she shouted so loudly. 

It’s always like this. Surely, Ilse must have glared at her, or said something cruel to her—Or so they’d say. By yelling about some nonsensical grievances, she gets everyone around us to feel sorry for her. The situation always seems apparent from our body language.

I give out a quiet sigh. I can’t keep up with you.

“Let’s go, Joshua.”


“Wait! This isn’t over!”

My friend, burning with righteousness, grabbed my wrist as I turned to walk away. Immediately, Joshua gripped his hand and twisted. 

My friend howled in pain, falling to his knees with a distorted face. A few girls around us screamed. Joshua’s quite strong, so this should hurt a lot. 

“I’ll never forgive you if you touch my lady.” 

Joshua’s eyes narrowed in threat. His voice was soft, but his words were spoken with an intensity that few could match. The poor boy must fear his arm would be broken if he says the wrong thing.

“S-sorry. I’m sorry. I just got a bit carried away.” 

“Yeah. Don’t do it again. Ever.” Joshua nodded calmly to my teary-eyed friend, his hand unmoved.

“Please stop. I’m sorry. It was my fault.”

Oh, of course it was your fault. Yet despite saying that, you don’t seem to actually believe it at all. 

“I’m sorry, my escort is relentless when it comes to my protection.” I apologized curtly and pulled at Joshua’s arm. 

Joshua, calmly let go of my classmate’s hand and followed me obediently as I walked away, the murmurs of the crowd at my back. 

I really would have liked to walk around in high heels, clacking loudly on the floor, but it wouldn’t fit very well in a school corridor.

“Lady… Are you going to fight?”

We walked into the next corridor, where the crowds already stopped, and all was quiet except for our footsteps. I smiled back at Joshua, who looked amused, as if he managed to guess something interesting.

“I am. Because it’s actually kind of fun.”

I’m feeling pretty refreshed.

It seems like the Villainess’ role is surprisingly pleasant.

2 thoughts on “Chapter 4: The Villainess Starts Having Fun

  1. and yet she lost this fight. how is it fun to lose fights? MC left while her rival was crying and racking in sympathy points while she looks like a villainess who causes chaos and then leaves. if this was a game she d have just lost a good number of points.

    does the ‘villainess’ vet smarter than this? or will she continue just asking to be expelled or locked away?


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