Chapter 13: The Villainess Wonders

I could see Esther from far away, standing in the schoolyard. Well, that’s not really true. I can see a large herd of aristocratic men. Esther will be standing at the center of it.

Recently, She seemed to have developed an interest in forming a Harem to pamper her, rather than aiming for a single target. If she keeps aiming so high and wide, I worry her dream of marrying rich may end up slipping through her fingers.

“Ooh! Joshua! I missed you so much!” As soon as she noticed us, Esther rushed to Joshua with a huge smile on her face, completely ignoring the other men’s gazes. Evidently, she really is aiming for Joshua.

“Could you please stop saying my name?”

“Oh no~, but Joshua also calls me by my first name, Esther~.”

“Did you perhaps not notice the sarcasm?”

“You don’t have to speak so politely, do you~? Joshua and I are friends.”

“Ah, and please stop touching me. You’re giving me the creeps.”

Joshua maintained a cold attitude in response to Esther’s over-familiarity. Esther, however, seemed to believe he was just shy and continued to treat him with the over-familiar attitude of a clichéd older sister. Her ability to remain blithesome at all times is somewhat terrifying.

Joshua deftly dodged Esther’s hand, which was desperately trying to hold him. Oh my, what a delightful little skit.

“Esther, don’t worry about him. Let’s go.”

“That’s right, Esther. Didn’t you say we should go watch that beautiful field of blooming lilies?

“It’s a lovely flower, just like you. I’d love to see the two of you side by side.”

Esther’s hangers-on finally caught up to us, desperate to regain her attention. She looked delighted, comfortable with their fawning words.

“…Does Miss Jones not have any commoner friends? I’ve never seen any.”

“How awful~! Are you trying to discriminate against commoners?”

I casually asked a simple question, but Esther immediately overreacted. 

“No, I didn’t mean it that way. I have plenty of commoner friends myself. It’s just that I often hear that commoners at school tend to get along better with each other. They like to stick together. So I’m just a little surprised that Miss Jones’ only friends are aristocrats, and only men at that.”

I thought about it when talking with Albert too, but shouldn’t she be a just little more circumspect in aiming for a nobleman?

“It’s because everyone here is so kind~.”

“But the commoners are kind too, aren’t they? And yet you’re only ever talking with aristocrats. I wonder if there’s any significance behind that?”

“What are you trying to say?!” Esther glared at me warily, probably recalling the backlash she suffered the last time I pointed this out in front of Albert.

“Esther is so cute that any commoner would probably feel too self-conscious around her,” minion A followed up with, allowing Esther to regain her composure. She relaxed her sharpened eyes.

Admittedly, as he says, that may be a factor. Even if she’s also a commoner, when you’re as pretty as Esther, you naturally belong to a higher class. Unless they have extreme self-confidence, few men would have the guts to take the initiative and approach her.

However, isn’t Esther known for being a bright and cheery girl who never discriminates and does her best to make friends with everyone?

“You’re willing to approach and talk with aristocratic men, but you never try to speak to commoners, do you?”

How come none of these men realize what’s going on when she’s being so blatant about it? They always stick around Esther and watch her every move. Could it be that their eyeballs are actually just a pair of colored marbles?

“Also, it seems like you’re not interested in women at all. I think that friends of the same sex are invaluable.”

“B-because… girls are kind of scary~,” Esther answered my question, immediately making a face reminiscent of a small animal. I guess she decided it’s time to show off her pitiful side.

It was so obvious and predictable that I almost laughed. After making her poignant appeal, Esther turned moist eyes towards her entourage of flunkies as though seeking their approval.

“Oh, that’s right. I hear women can be awfully jealous. That’s why she can’t join the girl’s circle, isn’t it?” As if trying to protect Esther, minion B intervenes. The smug look on his face seemed to suggest he knew everything there was to know about Esther. He can’t even imagine that all he saw was a superficial facade.

“Even so, is it really possible for her not to have even a single female friend?”

“That’s just how cute Esther is. She’s so popular with the guys that she’s bound to get persecuted by the girls.” 

Despite knowing nothing about the situation, the guy maintained his irritating, smug face. I hope for his sake that he learns to stop trying to suck up to get people to like him.

“Well then, what about Lady Haywards?” I named the most beautiful girl in school, one grade above us. Of course, she wasn’t just beautiful—She was a wonderful woman who was loved and adored by both men and women.

“Uh… that’s…” And just like that, Minion B was at a loss for words. Oh my, He sure seems like a shallow, flimsy guy.

“And Miss Paula? Even though she’s so cute, she’s always surrounded by lots of female friends; I haven’t heard a single bad rumor about her.”


I raised the names of more beautiful girls, as if trying to hammer in the frightened man. They were all women with faces and styles that were equal to or better than Esther’s.

They weren’t afraid to show off their good looks, but were still very popular among the other schoolgirls.

“In fact, is there any other girl in school who doesn’t have a single female friend? Can you give me an example other than Miss Jones?”


How could there be? The women in this school don’t judge people by their gender or family background; They associate with people based on what they see in them. Well, they probably don’t see much in this irritating herd of posing minions and hangers-on.

The only reason these guys dared take the initiative to become Esther’s little lapdogs was that she wanted them to. That and the fact that she has no female friends that would crowd together and make it harder for the boys to approach.

“To begin with, there are no girls in this school who have so little class as to ostracize someone just because they have a good face. Isn’t it quite unnatural to find absolutely no friends of the same sex among all of them? Even I, who pride myself on my bad personality, have plenty of female friends.”

“I don’t think Lady has a bad personality. You’re just very strong-willed.” Joshua followed me up unwaveringly. He’s a good guy.

In any case, not having a single female friend is pretty awful, no matter how you look at it.

It’s true that most girls hate her, but no one is being blatant about it. When spoken to, they’d smile back and act like adults. I just hate much more because I had to keep dealing with her obnoxious feigned kindness despite giving her an unmistakable cold reception.

A woman whose attitude is so different when dealing with men and women could never make friends.

“You guys have a lot of male friends, don’t you? How would you feel if you saw a guy who doesn’t have any male friends and only hangs out with girls?”

The crowd of hangers-on exchanged glances, a surprised expression on all their faces.

If I didn’t go that far, they never would have figured it out. After all, they’re the type to become Esther’s minions in the first place.

“Hey, it’s a little strange, don’t you think?” Joshua said with as much sarcasm as he could muster, laughing with his favorite villainous look on his face.

Watching the signs of agitation slowly spread among the crowd was, admittedly, pretty amusing.


  1. Sorry for the delays the last couple of days. I had to deal with some IRL stuff. Schedule should be back to normal from now on, at least until the peak of the Perseids a week from now when I’ll casually abandon all responsibilities to go stare at the sky.

4 thoughts on “Chapter 13: The Villainess Wonders

  1. Thanks for the translation! Don’t worry about the delay, we all have stuff to do IRL, so take your time when you need it.

    As amusing as it was, I can’t believe Ilse had to pretty much spell it out to those noble boys to makes them realize she’s a gold digger.

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  2. Watching her break it down like that for them hahaha some people just don’t get it until you smack them in the head with the truth.
    Thanks for the translation!


  3. Esther has gotta be using black magic or something but tbh most guys are pretty shallow plus shes the epitome of pick-me
    But its true, any girl who doesnt have other female friends is def a red flag in some sorta way lol speaking from experience


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